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Approximate Distance From Where You Are: 345.24 Kilometer

Sundarvan is a mini-zoo that offers an attractive insight into nature through shows and activities.

Originally a mango orchard of the Sarabhai, Sundarvan was converted into a nature park in 1978 and was inaugurated by the legendary ornithologist Salim Ali on October 28, 1978. It is recognised by the Central Zoo Authority of India as a mini-zoo.

The four-acre park has groves of trees and water bodies that are good for bird-viewing. Different areas of the park are dedicated to reptiles, aviary birds, small mammals, butterflies and aquarium fish. The mini-zoo is best-known for its snake park with a pit where regular snake demonstrations are held to raise awareness about the ecological importance of snakes.

The park also has activities conducted by the Centre for Environment Education.



30 Minutes


Sundarvan is open on all days except on Monday. It is next to SAC-ISRO, Satellite Road, Ahmedabad. Timings: Summer: 09:00 Hours to 19:00 Hours. Winter: 09:00 Hours to 20:30 Hours. Booking Charges: School Children under 12 years of age- INR 15 School Teachers and Assistants- INR 20 Student above 12 years of age- INR 20 Children under 12 years of age- INR 20 Above 12 years of age and Adults- INR 30

Timings :09:00 TO 18:00

Entry Fee : Charges are as mentioned in things to know.