Dwarkadheesh Mandir

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Approximate Distance From Where You Are: 213.53 Kilometer

The haveli-like Dwarkadheesh Temple of Lord Krishna, worshipped here as Dwarkadheesh or Lord of Dwarka, has attractive carvings. This temple is located in Baua Ni Pol which has some beautiful havelis. You will also see jewellery and other shops near the temple.

Presently, you come to the haveli temple that was commissioned by the local people. The two temple buildings are organized around a courtyard. One two-storey building stands on a high plinth with finely carved brackets and painted walls. The three-storey building is worth visiting for its gallery on the first floor that has intricate floral carvings. The Brahmins who manage the temple have their own cows.



20 Minutes

Timings :06:00 TO 17:00

Entry Fee : Free